Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say "Baby"

Austin can only say a few words right now...but the cutest word he says is baby. It is so funny to watch him say it, becuase he does this funny thing with his bottom lip. When my family came up a few weekends ago, my mom taught him how to say baby. He doesn't even know what a baby is...but he likes saying the word. (Make sure you turn the music off down below on my blog so you can hear it)

Paddle Boats

Austin was fascinated with the paddle boats. He wanted to hang over the side so he could touch the water. We had a great time paddling around the lake.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enjoying the weather

More fun at the Spray Park. This will probably be the last warm weekend of the year. Colorado summers are way too short!

I love this video of him getting splashed in the face with the water. We loves playing in the water!

Today was beautiful. We went to the spray park again and he of course had a blast.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our little maid

Austin loves this little vacuum. He's our little maid...we are training him before he knows any better!

Austin's favorite things

I am not really sure why Austin is so fascinated by the spray bottle, but he thinks it is so cool that he can suck from the nozzle and is able to actually drink the water that way. He can't use the handle very well yet so he just sucks as hard as he can is still able to drink the whole bottle of water.
I love this pic...his face is so funny!
The laundry basket is also another of his favorite toys. He could climb in and out of that basket all day if I let him. He puts all his toys in the basket and then he tries to fit himself in there with everything else.

Monday, September 8, 2008

100% Boy!

A little dirt won't hurt...

We went camping a couple weeks ago and Austin loved playing in the dirt...of course! He thought it was so funny to take the shovel full of dirt and pour it all down the front of him. He was so messy!

Oregon Trip

Tubing St. Vrain