Sunday, July 27, 2008

We hiked Ten Falls Trail in Oregon and saw some amazing waterfalls. As seen in the picture, the most amazing thing was getting to hike behind several of the waterfalls. You could almost reach out and touch the falls. It felt like we were in Hawaii...the foliage was so lush and green and dense.
Now that I live in Colorado I miss the 'green'. Growing up in Texas, I never thought it was green until I moved here and now I miss all the trees. Most people don't think of Denver as a desert, but it most definitely is. Every tree in Denver is planted- trees don't grow naturally here. Although, the best part about Denver are the sunny blue skies and puffy white clouds. As cheesy as that sounds, I would miss it if I moved. As beautiful as Portland is, they don't get hardly any sun for 6 months out of the year. On the other hand, Denver is the second sunniest state behind Florida. Can't complain about that!

Just Beginning

So here we go. Unfortunately creating a blog means I have to write. I am not much of a writer. It really isn't my thing. I write and then rewite and rewrite until I can't remember what I even wanted to write about in the first place. My poor edit and delete button get used way too often. I have a hard time finalizing anything or deciding on something that I think will sound okay. I have too many thoughts in my head to focus and can't possibly get everything down on paper. My writing ends up broken and jumbled and pieced together. So I apologize in advance for my unorganized thoughts but hopefully you can see the bigger picture.

Okay, this is for all our friends and family who don't have a myspace or facebook. I feel a little bit of deja vu since this will be quite similar to those pages. I love photography so instead of writing to update you on our life, I will post lots and lots of photos to keep you updated on what we are doing.

Oregon Trip

Tubing St. Vrain