Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nap Time

Austin found the jar of vaseline and went to town on his hair. Wanted to look like daddy I guess:)
After he was done styling his hair he rubbed the excess all over his sheets!

Just woke up from his nap and look how he slept with his shirt wrapped around his back. That has to be uncomfortable.

Fell asleep in his laundry basket. He made sure to have all his blankets and his stuffed dog in there with him:)
Another time I went to wake him up for his nap and he was stuffed inside his pillowcase with the pillow. As soon as he woke up he freaked out because he had no idea what was going on and why he couldn't move... funny kid!


Anjolee said...

How funny is he??!!!

He is so big and so cute!

Lexi said...

All these photos made me laugh! He is such a cutie. He will love that you documented all of this with photos later in life :)

I think he did a pretty good job styling his own hair :)

Cam and Chelle said...

OMGosh! Austin is so so cute and grown up! Sure miss you guys! Oh, and you're all crazy... 4 14ers? What?!

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